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Read some Legal First Aid that might help you prevent problems.

Ned Gorski has authored an article that covers Federal, State, and Local Laws Pertaining to Hobbyist Fireworks Manufacture. Ned admits that the information regarding padlocks is inaccurate, but we agree that this article is valuable none the less. Harry Gilliam hosts the article on the Skylighter server and wants the information shared.

Read howTom Dimock got legal in New York State.

Dave Stoddard has posted a website based on the Getting Legal seminar that he presented at the 2009 PGI convention.

To read about the Classification of Fireworks in the U.S. follow this link.

The PGI offers basic Display Operator Training at its annual convention each year.

The Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild also offers the PGI course in early spring each year.

The best web-based resource for makers of hobby fireworks is Passfire. You can get a trial subscription for no cost.  A new subscription will cost $50 for 6 issues with renewals costing $25 for 6 additional issues.  This modest cost will bring you 6 issues, describing many interesting techniques, access a lively forum, and a wealth of pyro information.  There is an archive of how-to articles from the past 6 or 7 years.  The formula database has many tried and true formulas along with a dynamic calculator that allows you to determine the exact quantity needed for each component for any size batch.  Finally the forum provides answers to your specific questions from the best minds in the field of hobby fireworks.

A Consumer Guide to Fireworks and Firework Safety is also available. Actually the linked site has a mix of interesting information applicable to both the United Sates, Canada, and Great Britian. Primarily a place where individuals can post complaints, the referenced information related to fireworks may be of value.

As additional web sites are identified they will be added.  Please send me any comments, suggestions, or notification of web link errors.

Larry Huber (ATF Licensed - PGI Certified)

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