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This site has been created by the holder of a BATFE type 20 manufacturing license who is also a Certified Instructor of the PGI Display Operator Certification Course.

The untimely death of a fellow hobbyist in March, 2007 prompted the development of this website. He was a great guy who enjoyed pyro and was looking forward to attending his first PGI convention.  From all accounts all of his endeavors were meticulously researched and prepared. From reading news accounts of the accident, it appears that he enjoyed his pyro hobby in an illegal fashion. He was unaware of the fact that manufacturing fireworks was prohibited within the city limits where he lived.

Accidents like this only create an unhealthy perception by not only the public, but also by those authorities having jurisdiction over our very enjoyable hobby activities. I am concerned that other members of the pyro community may be unaware of the legal requirements, or may be trying to operate under the radar from a legal perspective.

My goal is to provide an explanation of the legal requirements, and to establish an easy to use web-based resource of materials to assist members of the pyro community in becoming legal.

Makers of hobby fireworks may be unfamiliar with how the legal landscape has changed since the events of September 11, 2001.  I for one found that display fireworks were no longer easy to obtain, even with proper local permits. Many new regulations were put in place under the guise of "Homeland Security".  The federal government passed the "Safe Explosives Act" which resulted in a requirement for hobbyists to be licensed by the federal government.  Subsequent rules have been developed which make the process of becoming a legal maker of fireworks quite challenging.

I have developed the training materials on this website and plan to present a seminar at the PGI 2007 convention in Fargo.  For members of the Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild, this seminar material will be presented and refined prior to the PGI convention.

As you visit this site please look for errors and/or omissions.  Please send me any comments, suggestions, or notification of web link errors.

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